About Us

In 2019, a small restaurant concept called #getfried out of Buffalo NY, approached the executive team of ZorAbility®, Inc. for assistance in further developing the concept.  ZorAbility® soon took on a majority position with #getfried and spent 2 years in the research, development and eventual reimagining the concept to the point of a complete re-branding. The result of these 2 years is what a high food and ingredient quality based restaurant with attractive consumer pricing for a fast casual concept should look like – the outcome now known as myfrii®.

At myfrii®, guests can choose from gourmet topped hand cut friis, Certified Angus Beef® steak sliders, or antibiotic free chicken sliders. Unique made from scratch recipes from our award-winning culinary team provide a taste sensation like no other. House made dipping sauces and premium shakes provide a one-of-a-kind experience. Only in the mood for a snack? Try our hand cut myfriis or load’em with comfort toppings.

Each member of the myfrii® leadership team brings with them thirty or more years of experience for a combined 120+ years in the restaurant industry, and a combined 85+ years in the franchising space. Powered by ZorAbility®, the myfrii® franchise model is built using the core philosophy of Unit Level Economics (ULE). This model, which has made ECW+G a powerhouse in the casual dine space, brings a laser-like focus to success at the unit-level for the myfrii® fast casual concept.

Bring the sensation of myfrii’s® gourmet topped hand cut friis, sliders, and shakes to your community